TOPS (Talent Opportunity Program) is a talent search and educational program for female gymnasts, ages 7-10 and their coaches.  This program, through USA Gymnastics, is in its twenty-second year and is one of their most successful programs.

TOPS is designed to help gymnasts train and achieve a higher level of flexibility, strength, and control.  Ultimately, possessing these skills allows them to achieve and perform higher level skills in gymnastics.

This is our first year participating in TOPS and we are very eager and excited to be able to offer our gymnasts this incredible opportunity and have them experience the benefits of this type of program.

We believe that TOPS training will help us produce strong, well-rounded gymnasts who are physically and mentally prepared to perform at the highest possible level.  Gymnasts that train TOPS will see a noticeable improvement not only in their core strength, but in their overall gymnastics performance as well.




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